Technical Support

Gear-Link™ Technology

In 2024, KAVVO is ready to release its proud Gear-Link™ technology and submit a global invention patent.
The technology cleverly interacts with the software through precise gear bites. 


KAVVO Super-Glow™ uses dozens of precision-arranged miniature LED lamp beads, so that the outer frame and screen backlight have the special effect of simultaneous luminescence.

T-Boxing Crystal

The thickness of T-type impact resistant glass ranges from 1.8 to 2.5mm, and it has strong scratch resistance, corrosion resistance and impact resistance. This technology is widely available for KAVVO‘s entire product range.

Osicle Anti-X

Osicle Anti-X is environmentally friendly, resistant to stretches and scratches, and inhibits bacteria and perspiration. It protects straps against most water bodies (sweat, seawater, pool water, rainwater, muddy water).

Osicle Free-X

The technology is environmentally friendly, ultra-light and breathable, antibacterial and wicking of perspiration.

Unsensible Wearing

Unsensible wearing technology means a watch body of less than 40g, which solves the problem of dragging hands during exercise caused by excessive weight in traditional smart watches.